Obsolescence and Second Sources

obsoleteAt Stream Components we are experts at extending the life of your legacy systems by delivering hard-to-find and obsolete components to CEMs and OEMs.

A Worldwide network of trusted partners allows us to swiftly and sufficiently deliver the components you need and effectively manage obsolescence and second-sources.

Second Sources are becoming a vital need in all industries, with the growth in legacy systems with obsolete components. Stream Components can give you instant access to a range of high quality alternatives to many standard components and we offer competitive prices, good lead-times and excellent customer service.

We successfully distribute second source products for:


-> Board-to-board, SIM card, DC power jacks, Modular jacks, USB, Smart Card, Memory Card, flat flex cables, BNC, Telecom…

Diodes/Transistors etc:

-> Diodes (Fast Switching, Small Singal Schottky, Zener), Transistors (Darlington, Digital), Rectifier (General Purpose, Super Fast, Schottky, High Voltage), Rectifier Bridge(Single, Three, Schottky), Power Module (Three Rectifier, Fast Rectifier, IGBT, Solar Module, Thyristor (Single, Three SCR, MOSFET (NPN, PNP, JEFT), IGBT, Voltage protection (TVS diode, ESD voltage protection) Polymer use, Ceramics fuse, Varistors…


-> ASIC’s, FPGA’s, Displays, Optocouplers, …


-> We have access to a wide range of customized LED / TFT products in various sizes.
Data sheets and samples are available on request.

We are proud to be distributors for: