Our Manufacturers

We offer very competitive prices to save you money and lead-time, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your procurement needs today.

We procure and distribute many types of electronic components, for eg:

Batteries - Cable Assemblies - Capacitor - Connectors - Crystal Oscillators - Diodes - Displays - ESD and Production  Consumables - Fans - Filters - FPGAs - Fuses and Circuit Breakers - Heatshrink - Inductors and Coils - LEDs - Memory - Microcontrollers - Microprocessors - Power Supplies - Resistors - Sensors - Switches and Relays - Thermistors - Transformers - Transistors - Voltage Regulators...

We offer the parts and products for these brands:


This list is not exhaustive, feel free to ask if you don’t see a brand that you are interested in.

We successfully distribute second source products for:


-> Board-to-board, SIM card, DC power jacks, Modular jacks, USB, Smart Card, Memory Card, flat flex cables, BNC, Telecom…

Diodes/Transistors etc:

-> Diodes (Fast Switching, Small Singal Schottky, Zener), Transistors (Darlington, Digital), Rectifier (General Purpose, Super Fast, Schottky, High Voltage), Rectifier Bridge(Single, Three, Schottky), Power Module (Three Rectifier, Fast Rectifier, IGBT, Solar Module, Thyristor (Single, Three SCR, MOSFET (NPN, PNP, JEFT), IGBT, Voltage protection (TVS diode, ESD voltage protection) Polymer use, Ceramics fuse, Varistors…


-> ASIC’s, FPGA’s, Displays, Optocouplers, …


-> We have access to a wide range of customized LED / TFT products in various sizes. Data sheets and samples are available on request.

We are proud representative of: