Stream Components has a clear and transparent policy and zero tolerance towards counterfeit goods.

Our professional and experienced sourcing and procurement team select our suppliers with great care.

We only buy from sources/manufacturers that we know well and work with on a regular basis.

If the requested components are obsolete, we undertake all the necessary precautions such as obtaining photos, analysing bar codes and batch numbers and investigating thoroughly the manufacturers’ credentials and accreditations before we quote.

On receiving the components we take photos and examine thoroughly in our labs and once we are satisfied with their authenticity we send the components on to you the customer with our 1 year guarantee.

With this integrity commitment to searching, authenticity testing and delivering high-quality parts we build trusted & long term relationship with all our clients. They return again and again for the guaranteed quality, with no compromises, risk free and reliable verifiable components.

We have the right experience to ask you and the component manufacturer the right questions ensuing that you have the right product delivered to you at the right price and on time as you would expect.

From the initial enquiry, through contract review, stock selection, quoting and inspection, to the delivery of your goods, continually measured and refined processes ensure that every care is taken to determine your requirements and that these are met in full.

Additionally, we have a robust counterfeit and preventative measures policy and goods receiving policy. Plus rigorous testing procedure including: Counterfeit screening, x-ray analysis, XFR spectrum analysis, solderability testing, decapsulation, die verification, device programming, blank checking, electrical testing, bake and dry packaging, comprehensive reports…

See our policy statement

See our material inspection and testing procedures