Tailor made services

Tailor made services with the personal touch from making you money on your excess inventory to kitting, testing and verification (counterfeit screening), failure analysis, parts reballed or re-tinned and trouble shooting and much more.

excess inventory


Intelligent Excess Management Service
Inevitably some assembly production runs generate surplus material. We have created the excess management service exists to dispose of stock cost effectively and for the greatest benefit you, offering you the best rates in the industry (consignment, immediate purchase, line by line, etc). Our reputation of thoroughly inspecting stock gives confidence and gets us the best price from potential purchasers.


Kitting electronic componentsKitting Service: our procurement method of grouping of components to be assembled together.

We are entirely flexible and can offer many different combinations tailored to your needs.

Our benefit to you:

  • We handle all of your purchases.
  • We deliver the quantities you need, packed according to your requirements
  • You reduce your stocks
  • You reduce your costs (a single intermediary, a single order to pass, a single contact who works with you in real time and keeps you informed of the progress of the project step by step)
  • You save time
  • You eliminate your logistic problems
  • You benefit from our sourcing opportunities worldwide through our international presence, and competitive prices thanks to our purchasing power and partnerships
  • The deliveries are timed to suit your needs.
  • The products are all purchased from franchised sources or direct from the manufacturer.
  • We manage obsolete parts and allocation seamlessly, ensuring the traceability of the components sourced and we offer a warranty on all of the equipment delivered.

We are able to quote prices and competitive conditions for all the components you need:
For any of kitting (supply and / or installation) to be included with all relevant particulars concerning the manufacturers, certifications and approved equivalent, and the Gerber file of your circuit if necessary. We will immediately contact you to define your needs precisely.

problem-solvingOther Problem Solving Services

Our problem-solving experience and our flexible personal touch enables us to recommend and/or organise whatever service you need. For example these include: re-packaging to suit your assembly requirements, third party testing and verification of components, trouble-shooting, failure analysis, alternate part searches, reballing, retinning, design or application assistance and the recovery of valuable components in the case of board failure.